Starting a blog, first entry

ImageAlright, I’ve done it, I’ve set up a blog for myself.  I have been meaning to for a while.  Maybe this can give me a chance to get some thoughts out and also occasionally post excerpts from my books that I am working on.  Maybe it will also motivate me to write with more frequency.  

Recently I was in bed reading and I thought to myself:  as much as I aspire to be a writer, I seem to be more of a “reader” than a “writer” and I should try to work on this.  I need to just sit down and focus on writing with more frequency.  

I’ve been “working on” three books.  Really most of the work has been on one.  Ideas circulate my head for the other two.  The book that I’ve been working on is a dual perspective travel memoir of my boyfriend Rob and myself as we traveled through Europe in 2011.  It was an epic adventure and we both kept detailed journals, which we discovered along the way were pretty entertaining to read side by side.  We (mostly I) have been working to compile these entries and create them into a book.  It’s harder work than I expected and the going is slow.  

Well, I figured I could also use a blog to sort out some thoughts about all sorts of subjects and life in general, which is something I haven’t figured out yet, but have had some fun trying and I intend to keep at it.  

So, I’m not really trying to solve world problems yet in this blog entry, mostly I’m just trying to set up the blog itself, and it seems to require that I write something, so I am. 


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