25 Random facts about me

Maybe I should list this in my “about me” section?


1. I have never kept a blog until this one. 
2. I like to watch random documentaries. I recently watched “hanging with the sloth.” it was good. 
3. I am obsessed with Phoenix’s light rail system.
4. I wear size 7.5 shoes
5. I love the national park system and would like to see all of the national parks in the U.S., but then get very overwhelmed and depressed, because there are so many that I’m not sure I’ll be able to see them all.
6. I sing in the shower. 
7. I want to live in another country for at least 6 months, and I don’t really care which one. I may chose Argentina, Nicaragua, Germany or Switzerland if I was forced to pick, but really… I don’t care.
8. I really like rats.
9. I love dogs, but hate doggie kisses on the mouth… I know what dogs do with their mouths. 
10. I’ve hiked to the bottom of the grand canyon twice, and if I could live in the bottom of it, I would.
11. I sometimes fantasize about permanently living in a tent. That would be so cool.
12. I love hummus.
13. I like star trek. I rode the light rail to a star trek exhibition in downtown phoenix. The exhibition was okay, the light rail was awesome. 
14. I am realizing as I list these random things about me that I am really a weird nerd.
15. I don’t care that I am a weird nerd. 
16. I love the full moon. Some of my favorite nights have been sleeping in a tent under the full moon. I, by definition, might be a lunatic.
17. I like the band The Bloodhound Gang. 
18. I have grown out my hair and then donated it three times to “locks of love” for children cancer patients. I prefer to have short hair and am currently debating whether or not to grow it out again.
19. I really like to sleep.
20. I am obsessed with world travel and geography.
21. I perform A LOT of rectal exams on dogs.
22. Cystocentesis is one of my hobbies.
23. I like Queen. I sing the song “Your my Best Friend” to my dog, Biscuit. He especially likes it when I sing the the following lyrics really loud and with all my heart: “I’ve been with you such a long time and I want you to know that my feelings are true, I REALLY LOVE YOU…. AWww. your my BEST FRIEND” (he really enjoys this).
24. I like to kayak.
25. I can’t touch my toes.
Me and Biscuit hiking in the superstition mountains


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