The Caboodle

Any american child or teenager of the 90’s probably had or wanted a caboodle.  For those who may not know it is a hard plastic makeup case, somewhat like a mini treasure box that is colorful.  They were very important in the ‘90s.  It was important to me anyway.

I was out to breakfast with two of my girlfriends this morning and somehow caboodles came up.  We laughed about them for a bit and I told my friends that I still had mine, and used it.  I got horribly ridiculed.  “Why do you have it?” “What do you keep in it?”  The jokes about keeping my banana clips, scrunchies, topsy turvy hair ties, hair crimpers, aqua net hairspray and Sassy magazine clippings flew around the table.

I came home and got to thinking…. what the hell do I keep in it?  I really do use it, but for what exactly?  I pulled it out and really looked at it.  It’s actually amazing.  I think I got it when I was 10 or so.  I wrote on it in white out and the writing is still there.  It says “Melissa’s caboodle,”  “Caboodles” and (my personal favorite) “I ♥ ?”  It is green and pink and purple.  I opened it up and looked inside.  The contents consist of spare razor blades (which is really the only thing I remember using it for recently), jewelry from Africa, jewelry from Nicaragua, jewelry from ex boyfriends, an electric razor, other jewelry I never wear.  That is pretty much it.  It’s basically a glorified storage box now.

I wonder why they lost their popularity.  Looking at it now, I still think of it as useful.  It would make a nice makeup box.  I could store my hair crimper in there.  But I’ll have to get a second caboodle…. this one is full.  Image

Image (4)This was me with my caboodle back in the day!


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