I secretly think I’m hilarious!

WordPress gives me stats on number of views per day and where in the world people are viewing from.  Who reads my blogs?  The answer: not very many people.  Thank you if it’s you who does, I appreciate that.  It’s funny sometimes I was thinking about what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to blog about and what will my readers think?  I do care what they think, but honestly that is really like 5 people.  I don’t even think my boyfriend reads my blogs.  Anyway it doesn’t matter, I found out that what I care about more is what I think.  Yesterday I retrieved copies of my old myspace blogs, which I kept from 2006 to 2008 or so.  I read them.  I thought they were fucking awesome!  I amazed myself by my wit and hilariousness.  I laughed, I cried, I stood up and cheered.  I patted myself on the back for a job well done.  Someone may as well congratulate me, so what if it’s me?  Well…. I liked my old blogs anyway and I also found that they were fairly good record keeping or basically journaling for myself.  And myself is really the person that I want to amuse more than anyone!  In the future days ahead I’m planning on re-blogging some of my old blogs from myspace that I thought were more interesting.    

So, anyway, I decided that my purpose of this blog is more for me than you, so sorry, but if you would like to join me for the ride I’d be ever so happy for you to crawl into my brain with me.  



One thought on “I secretly think I’m hilarious!

  1. I think I’m fucking hilarious too, and that’s part of why I blog. For surely, there’s inappropriate shit all over my blog too, but I kind of let go of caring about that. I usually pretend I’m writing to my three best friends, and they make a good audience. If you do want more readership, try out some link-ups. 🙂


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