Dogs are Excrement Factories; Sometimes There are Problems on the Production Line


Am I the only one who does this?  Using a permanent marker, I will clearly label the rag that I use to clean up shit (or piss.)  I never want to accidentally use the rag again for something else.  I don’t want to throw out the rag because I’m sure I’ll need to use it for something gross in the future.  I live with three dogs and it would be wasteful to keep buying replacement rags.  (Please see my previous blog, The Perfect ShitStorm.)  However, I also need to be absolutely sure that I will never wash my face with this rag or clean the table with it later.  I have a few scattered rags that are labeled “shit” and “piss.”  Labeling is very important.

Also, I have made up a new word, “Voop.”  It became necessary to find a new vocabulary term one day when I found some of the most foul material on the floor.  Upon inspecting it and preparing to clean it up, I couldn’t tell if it was poop or vomit.  I suddenly came to the horrid realization that it was both.  Some dog, who will remain nameless, went outside and snacked down on some turds, then he later vomited on the floor of the house.  As far as I know, the English language doesn’t have a word for poop-that-was-eaten-and-has-then-been-vomited-up.  So I felt obligated to make up my own word, voop.  Voop is no fun.  I used a “shit” rag to clean it up.  I don’t have a dedicated voop rag yet.



4 thoughts on “Dogs are Excrement Factories; Sometimes There are Problems on the Production Line

  1. What the hell is up with the poop eating? One of mine, ok, it’s Iggy, I’ll name names, has been eating the frozen ones – only frozen ones – like they’re fudgsicles. He only does this in winter. I need to ask the vet when I take him in for his physical in spring – maybe he’s missing some nutrients or something – but god this is so disgusting.


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