Off to New Adventure!

On Wednesday I am leaving for my next life adventure.  Well, first I’m headed to a wedding on the east coast, but then flying clear across the country and re-locating to San Francisco for the summer.  I will start my training to work as a tour guide for G Adventures on May 5th.  I have long wanted to do this and tried hard to get this job.  I’m very VERY excited.

I’ll be taking a break from veterinary medicine for the summer.  Good-bye veterinary medicine, for a while….  I’m definitely in need of a break from you.  Don’t go away mad, just go away.

I’ve been crazily studying the California Commercial Driver Handbook as I will be required to possess a Class B Commercial Driver’s License with a Passenger Endorsement for this position.  I will be leading tours throughout the U.S. and possibly Canada for the summer.  G Adventures caters to adventurous outgoing travelers and offers reasonably prices tours in a sustainable fashion.  I’ve been on three G Adventures tours before and I’d dare to say they changed my life.  I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with the company.

Provided I pass all of the training program, I’ll start leading tours around the beginning of June.  I don’t know my tour schedule yet, or which sections of the country I’ll be going through.  Most of the tours involve camping, hiking and other adventure, and they seem to focus on national parks and fun cities: right up my alley!!


I’m planning on blogging periodic updates.

I’m so excited!


8 thoughts on “Off to New Adventure!

  1. Melissa!

    I am so sorry I missed the dinner! I was out of town hiking in the snow with no reception. You will be missed greatly. However, I would love to come and visit you! In fact let’s book a trip! Let me know your schedule ASAP and I will put it in there. How exciting! I was even planning a trip to San Fran this summer. My cousin lives there. Although, you probably won’t be there. You will be off frolicking like children of the woodland creature! 😉

    Stay awesome and see you soon. Maybe I can catch you before Wednesday



    • Thank you. I was on an overland tour through Africa, and I did one hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro, and last year I went through Guatemala and Belize. All tours were really nice. I have enjoyed many travels with and without tours, but the best tours I’ve been on were the G Adventures ones. Thanks for your comments. I’m looking forward to the new experiences!


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